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Changing the way wireless data communications are designed, built and maintained, 5G technology systems are advanced and not an upgrade to 4G. That means electrical, hardware and computer engineers alike will soon be expected to understand 5G technology. Like the shift from traditional to digital has affected just about every industry, the shift from 4G to 5G will change the way engineers plan, create and support wireless communications and the hardware that makes that technology possible.

Engineers are in high demand, and it is anticipated that engineers with expertise in wireless data communication systems and associated advanced technologies will come into demand when the 5G rollout occurs. As of 2020, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projected the demand for electrical engineers to grow at a rate of approximately 10.5% per year. Electrical design engineers are also in demand, with a predicted job growth rate of 8.6% per year, and the demand for hardware engineers is estimated to grow at a rate of approximately 5.4% per year. Over the past decade, North Carolina has been in the top eight states employing electrical engineers, in the top 11 states hiring electrical design engineers, and in the top 15 states employing computer engineers.

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