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Defend. Protect. Plan for, respond to and prevent cybersecurity attacks as a cybersecurity engineer or IT administrator with the knowledge delivered through the Graduate Certificate in Cybersecurity.

Graduates of the Graduate Certificate in Cybersecurity possess the skills required to work in information technology (IT) as a cybersecurity expert on the front lines of planning, executing, and analyzing ways to protect data from ever-evolving methods of attack. Our students find positions as IT experts protecting corporations, government entities and consumers from malware, identity theft, infrastructure attacks and cyber espionage.

Cybersecurity experts are in high demand, and job growth predictors indicate that this is a field that will continue to grow. The Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts demand for cybersecurity engineers to grow by 35.8% over the next decade. Related careers, such as IT administrator and network security engineers, are also expected to see growth in the double digits. North Carolina historically has been in the top 8 states hiring for cyber security positions.

Job Titles

The Graduate Certificate in Cybersecurity is designed to enhance a variety of IT careers. Explore details about the following commonly held job titles:

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