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Master's Degrees | STEM Education - Mathematics and Statistics

STEM Education - Mathematics and Statistics

Entrance Exam: Not Required
College of Education

The Master of Education (M.Ed.) in STEM Education degree program has three areas of concentration: Mathematics and Statistics Education, Science Education and Engineering and Technology Education. Each of these concentrations has one shared core course, and the curriculum for each concentration totals 30 credit hours. The M.Ed. in STEM Education - Mathematics and Statistics is designed to support advancement in education careers for teachers specializing in math and/or statistics.


Required for admission:

  • Minimum 3.0 undergraduate GPA
  • Three references
  • Narrative written personal statement
  • Bachelor's degree in mathematics or mathematics education

Applicants select their subspecialty/concentration on their application and are routed to their subspecialty for review.

Plan of Study

This master’s program can usually be completed within two years by full-time students and within three to four years by part-time students.

Key components to this program include:

  • It meets the requirements for the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction for advanced licensure for master’s degree
  • It has a curriculum that supports mathematics teachers applying for National Board Certification
  • Scholarship opportunities are available

Career Prospects

The M.Ed. in STEM Education - Mathematics and Statistics is intended for pre-college K-12 teachers (Grades 6-12), community college instructors and subject specialists who work in areas of mathematics education. The curriculum supports teachers in developing skills for applying for National Board Certification.

Math and Statistics teachers remain in demand. As more and more data becomes available, the need for educated professionals who can analyze and interpret data also increases. This increasing demand in the job market means that today’s math and statistics educators need to be well versed in the most current technology, tools and analysis models. The M.Ed. in STEM Education - Mathematics and Statistics provides the foundation math teachers need to succeed in today’s job market.