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Evaluate new products under development. Influence the design or usage of agricultural technology. Test and report on agricultural technology usage in the field. Work at the forefront of responsible technological innovation with the knowledge and skills delivered through the Undergraduate Certificate in Regulatory Science in Agriculture.

Agricultural technological advancement is the key to the success of many farms, ranches, greenhouses and laboratories. As regulations change to accommodate for climate change impact, advancement in cultivation techniques and issues such as soil sustainability and erosion, the need for regulatory professionals versed in agricultural science also increases.

Historically North Carolina has been in the top six states hiring for quality control positions and in the 10 states hiring for regulatory affairs specialists. As a state with a significant agricultural presence, North Carolina provides ample employment opportunities in this industry.

Job Titles

The Undergraduate Certificate in Regulatory Science in Agriculture is designed to support career advancement in agricultural regulatory science. Explore details about the following commonly held job titles:

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