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Browse Sales Careers

A Logistics or Supply Chain Account Manager manages the strategic and operational supply chain requirements of a…

High: $78,660
Low: $50,176
Employment Trend
+ 0.016% Annually
53.74% Bachelor's
4.99% Master's

A Marketing Account Executive maintains communications with business clients that buy marketing services from a…

High: $77,935
Low: $62,815
Employment Trend
+ 0.016% Annually
44.41% Bachelor's
7.54% Master's

A Sales Engineer specializes in selling scientific or advanced technology products or services. Provides engineering…

High: $114,267
Low: $85,676
Employment Trend
+ 0.0195% Annually
61.8% Bachelor's
10.01% Master's

A Technical Sales Representative sells equipment for a company and provides specialized technical assistance for…

High: $81,102
Low: $32,382
Employment Trend
+ 0.0228% Annually
31.76% Bachelor's
2.57% Master's