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Browse Sales Careers

A Business Development Specialist identifies new business opportunities and clients for a company, identifies new…

High: $85,429
Low: $51,754
Employment Trend
+ 0.0326% Annually
54.04% Bachelor's
9.29% Master's

A Client Relationship Manager manages high value client accounts for a company. Develops and maintains communication…

High: $127,042
Low: $59,270
Employment Trend
+ 0.016% Annually
63.13% Bachelor's
12.63% Master's

A Director of Business Development is a highly specialized Business Development Manager. Plans and directs sale of…

High: $160,900
Low: $107,361
Employment Trend
+ 0.0299% Annually
66.89% Bachelor's
33.31% Master's

A Director of Sales directs and is responsible for performance of sales for an entire organization. May manage sales…

High: $170,634
Low: $103,762
Employment Trend
+ 0.0299% Annually
55.76% Bachelor's
15.58% Master's

An Event Promotions Marketing Associate plans and organizes event based marketing promotions for business products or…

High: $51,826
Low: $36,125
Employment Trend
+ 0.0123% Annually
13.2% Bachelor's
0.92% Master's