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Community College Leadership



Do you desire to learn from expert community college practitioners and develop your own leadership style? community college, and transform them into strengths. Do you want to inspire instructors and staff through visionary leadership skills gained as you earn your Education Doctorate (Ed.D.) in Community College Leadership.

Community colleges serve several vital functions for very specific audiences, from those pursuing a GED to those interested in certification. Your institution has unique needs related to its particular demographic and past successes; with the proper education, you can identify what students you have previously reached and what students you could attract, should you make the appropriate changes in staff, culture, marketing strategy, branding, investments or administrative changes. Gain the insight you need to become the leader you want to be with research and training specific to the needs of your community college. 

Job Titles

The Ed.D. in Community College Leadership is tailored for professionals working at a community college who wish to advance into an administrative position or grow their careers as a community college leader. Our graduates often find career advancement in the following positions: 


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