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Design, build and maintain electrical control systems, machinery and equipment.

The Master of Electrical Engineering (MSEE) opens the doors to several career paths within electrical engineering. Many of these career paths require advanced degrees, including analog and digital chip design, advanced PCB design, power circuit design, power system design and control, embedded computing, autonomous system design, bioelectric interface design and wide bandgap circuit design. Graduates are equipped to work in the design and development of applications and devices for vision systems, communications systems, internet of things, antennas, as well as developing advanced machine learning systems.

Job Titles

The MSEE prepares students for career advancement in electrical engineering and computer engineering jobs. Our distinguished alumni have found career advancement in the following positions:

  • ASIC Engineer
  • Analog IC Engineer
  • Embedded System Programmer
  • Power Systems Engineer
  • Power Circuits Engineer
  • Biomedical Engineer
  • Machine Learning System Developer
  • Autonomous Systems Engineer
  • Controls Engineer
  • Communications System Engineer
  • Renewable Energy Systems Engineer
  • Antenna Engineer
  • Engineering Director
  • Hardware security engineer

In addition to the positions listed above, the MSEE can also prepare you for the following commonly held job titles:

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