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Master's Degrees | Textiles | How to Apply

How to Apply

Admissions Requirements

Candidates with a bachelor's degree in textiles, or in any other related area, may apply to the master's program.

Students are held to the same requirements as the on-campus Master of Textiles degree, and must follow the rules outlined in the Graduate School Administrative Handbook.

  1. The degree must be completed within six (6) years of the date of the first course taken.
  2. Students must be continuously enrolled once they begin their graduate program. Students may request one leave of absence following graduate school guidelines.
  3. A minimum of 30 credit hours is required to complete the degree.
  4. A Plan of Work is required.
  5. Students must work with an adviser throughout the program. A Graduate Committee is not required.
  6. No more than six (6) credit hours of independent study courses (TT/TTM 630) are allowed on the Plan of Work.
  7. No minor can be declared.
  8. Nine (9) credit hours of supporting courses from outside the Department are allowed on the Plan of Work. This may be increased to 12 hours for students taking 6-credit hour classes in the College of Design.
  9. A maximum of 12 credit hours of relevant courses taken as post baccalaureate studies (PBS) at NC State may be included in the program with the approval of the student’s adviser.
  10. All course work must be at the 500 level or above. However, up to 3 credit hours of advanced undergraduate 400 level coursework from outside of the department may be allowed on the Plan of Work.
  11. Graduate students must maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA to remain in the program and must have a 3.0 GPA or higher at the time of graduation.

Note: The two-semester on-campus residency usually required of all master’s students has been waived for students completing this degree via TOP.

How to Apply


Note: If you are a degree- or non-degree-seeking student who has been continuously enrolled, you may register for available online courses through MyPack Portal.

Only students admitted to NC State can take classes at the University. Anyone interested in taking courses without enrolling in a degree program at NC State must first apply as a Non-Degree Studies (NDS) student. Admission to NDS does not imply admission to an NC State degree program. NDS students are classified as non-degree-seeking. Grades earned as an NDS student will go toward the student’s NC State University grade point average or may be transferred to another institution based on that institution’s transfer policy.

The Post-Baccalaureate Studies (PBS) classification is assigned to those NDS students who have earned a bachelor’s degree. Enrolling as a PBS student is an excellent way to explore different fields of study to fulfill your personal and career goals.

As an NDS student, you may register for a maximum course load of eight (8) hours per semester on a space-available basis. Some courses carry prerequisites or are limited to degree-seeking students, so review the course schedule to determine your eligibility. NDS students must maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 at all times.

To register as a new Non-Degree Studies student:

Begin by checking your eligibility for Non-Degree Studies (NDS) status. To be eligible to apply for NDS, prospective students must:

  • Be eligible to return to any previous institution(s) attended.
  • Have accumulated less than thirty (30) hours of total credit as an NDS student at NC State. NDS students are limited to a total of 30 hours of credit in NDS status. Students with 29 hours attempted will be allowed to register for the next term even if their enrollment in that future term will exceed the 30-hour limit, but they will not be activated for any subsequent terms once they have accumulated or exceeded 30 hours of credit.

For more details on NDS enrollment eligibility, please see the NDS Enrollment Rule.

If you meet the criteria for enrolling as an NDS student, and

  • You have never attended NC State as a degree-seeking student, or
  • You graduated with a degree from NC State and wish to enroll as a NDS student, or
  • You previously attended NC State as an NDS student, but have not enrolled in courses for a year or longer, you should complete the online application(open in a new tab). All applications require a non-refundable $25 Application Fee.

Note: NDS applications are good for a full year. For example, if you apply for Summer I, you do not need to submit a separate application for Summer II, Fall, or Spring.

If new NDS applications are not currently being accepted, you must wait to apply until after the start-of-term lock-out ends. You will not be able to take a class until next term.

The Registration & Records website provides additional information and answers to questions about Non-Degree Studies at NC State University.

Apply now(opens in a new tab).


NDS students are required to prepay their tuition before they can register for classes. To pay your tuition:

For additional information and answers to questions about tuition and fees, visit the Cashier’s Office website.


To register for classes you will need an NC State student ID number and/or NC State Unity (computer system) ID and password. These will be e-mailed to you once your NDS application has been processed and accepted.

  • NDS students can register for classes only after the open enrollment period begins. View upcoming enrollment dates.
  • Using your NC State Unity ID and password, log-in to the MyPack Portal, and select the class(es) for which you wish to register.
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Application Deadlines

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