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Master's Degrees | Engineering Management

Engineering Management

Entrance Exam: Not Required
College of Engineering

The online Master of Engineering Management (EM) deepens critical analytical, science and engineering foundations while developing crucial management skills. The Master of Engineering Management degree provides the skills necessary to manage successful engineering teams in today’s complex technical environments.


We accept applications from undergraduate majors in engineering. We also welcome applicants with degrees in the behavioral, physical, mathematical sciences, computer science, and other related STEM fields. For most entry-level graduate courses, you will need to have some experience in:

  • Mathematics (single variable calculus)
  • Statistics (intro level)

You will benefit from undergraduate courses or experience in computer programming. If you are interested in a specific concentration, you may benefit from undergraduate courses or experience in matrix/linear algebra, but this is not required.

Physical, behavioral and management sciences (economics, business, accounting) experience is also desirable.

Plan of Study

The degree program is ten (10) courses (30 credit hours) with five (5) courses in the core curriculum and the remaining five (5) courses in the student’s chosen concentration.

Career Prospects

Today’s engineering managers are expected to have in-depth knowledge of finance, business management, accounting and statistics. They also need to understand how related fields of engineering intersect, and how to manage people, budgets and resources.

The Master of Engineering Management provides the skills and knowledge needed to advance your engineering career. Coursework addresses the challenges related to operations, statistics, logistics and financial aspects of project management. In addition, students learn how to work with challenging coworkers, navigate conflict and support efficient operations demands. Graduates of this advanced degree program exit the program possessing the skills and understanding necessary to advance their careers as an engineering manager.

Additional Resources

For detailed information regarding engineering online programs and how to apply and enroll, please visit the Engineering Online website.