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How to Apply

Looking to apply to the Master of Engineering program? We accept applications from undergraduate majors in engineering. We also welcome applicants with degrees in the behavioral, physical, mathematical sciences, computer science, and other related STEM fields. For most entry-level graduate courses, you will need to have some experience in:

  • Mathematics (single variable calculus)
  • Statistics (intro level)

You will benefit from undergraduate courses or experience in computer programming. If you are interested in a specific concentration, you may benefit from undergraduate courses or experience in matrix/linear algebra, but this is not required.

Physical, behavioral and management sciences (economics, business, accounting) experience is also desirable. GRE not required for admissions through Spring 2023.

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Application Deadlines

Entry Semester Application Deadlines and Details
Spring (US) November 25
Spring (Int) July 15
Summer (US) March 25
Summer (Int) December 15
Fall (US) June 25
Fall (Int) March 01