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Graduate Certificates | Engineering Management Analytics

Engineering Management Analytics

Entrance Exam: Not Required
College of Engineering

The Graduate Certificate in Engineering Management Analytics is intended for engineering, STEM, or technical students interested in advancing into a management role and/or taking on increased responsibilities. The program focuses on data analysis, decision-making, and utilizing existing data to enhance industrial, engineering, technical, and organizational goals.

The certificate offers the opportunity to learn about:

  • Organizational communication and communication techniques for working with various stakeholders, including how to communicate quantitative information to both technical and non-technical audiences
  • Basic financial concepts and how to analyze alternatives for projects of multiple lengths and cash flows
  • Planning and management of projects serving various stakeholders through the  application of conceptional, analytical and practical tools
  • Solving problems utilizing quantitative tools and analytical methods

The certificate can be completed on-campus and/or online through the Engineering Online Program.


Students must meet the following requirements for admission into the Engineering Management Analytics Certificate:

  • STEM or other relevant bachelor’s degree
  • Sufficient academic background coursework for success or equivalent work experience

The key background requirements are:

  1. an undergraduate course in single variable Calculus (differentiation and integration), similar to MA 141 (see Course Catalog for description).
  2. an undergraduate introductory course in Probability and/or Statistics (calculus-based), similar to ST 370.

Experience or coursework in the basics of computer programming, preferably Python, R, or Julia (minimum 1). C++ or Java would be sufficient as you can learn Python or R or Julia easily enough. Those without this might consider something like a MOOC (Udemy, Coursera, etc) instead of a formal undergraduate course.

For those interested in taking more advanced topics, previous coursework in:

  1. an undergraduate course in multivariable Calculus (differentiation and integration), similar to MA 241, and
  2. an undergraduate course in Linear Algebra, similar to MA 405 may be helpful but not required.

Plan of Study

The program consists of four courses (12 hours). There are two core courses (6 hours) and two additional elective courses (6 hours) required.

The certificate allows post-baccalaureate students considering but not yet committed to pursuing  a master’s degree at this time the opportunity to learn the key concepts while earning a graduate certificate. When successfully completed, the certificate covers 40 percent of the material required for the Master of Engineering Management degree. Please consult the Director of the Graduate Certificate Program to learn more about requirements if you are interested in transferring courses into a master’s degree program.

Career Prospects

In this contemporary era of industrial and technological advancements, the role of engineering managers has evolved considerably. The influx of data and the proliferation of advanced analytics tools and models offer a paradigm shift in how engineering management can enhance decision-making, operational efficiency, and goal achievement. Engineering managers are now expected to know how to use and interpret analytical tools and models, and data-driven decisions are the norm.

Because of these changes, engineering managers, management analysts and project managers with analytical expertise are in high demand. As engineers advance into managerial positions, it is expected that they understand which tools are available and know how to use these tools and models to improve productivity and efficiency. The Graduate Certificate in Engineering Management Analytics equips graduates with the skills and knowledge base required to remain competitive and current.