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Inspire. Guide. Direct. Lead engineering teams to higher efficiency and increased productivity through the data-driven management strategies delivered through the Graduate Certificate in Engineering Management Analytics.

Data-driven engineering management is a must in today’s market. The contemporary engineering manager is adept in the use of data analytics; it’s analytical acumen that distinguishes outstanding managers from the competition. The skills and knowledge delivered through the Graduate Certificate in Engineering Management Analytics equips engineers with tools needed to succeed in a wide range of managerial positions.

For example, professionals working as architectural and engineering managers harness data analytics to anticipate challenges, optimize operations, and align with evolving industry needs. Likewise industrial production managers use analytics to predict machinery issues, boost production line efficiency, and uphold quality standards. These insights enhance efficiency and ensure projects meet both current and future demands.

Purchasing managers use data analytics to predict demand, secure favorable supplier agreements, and guarantee timely acquisitions, mitigating operational delays. Similarly, supply chain managers employ data models for optimizing routes, inventory control, and demand forecasting. This analytical approach streamlines deliveries, curtails costs, and augments the entire supply chain’s fluidity.

Job Titles

Graduates of this program often find engineering management positions with the following (or similar) job titles:

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