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Analyze. Predict. Advise. Advance your career in risk management with the expertise provided by the Master of Management, Risk and Analytics concentration.

Compliance issues, analysis requirements and risk management overall have become hot topics in both the corporate and government sectors. In addition to traditional risk management and risk analysis positions, expectations for business professionals are changing. Professionals working in audit, compliance and financial managerial positions are expected to have analytics training and skills.

A survey of job listings shows that many of today’s employers seek business professionals who have mastered analysis tools such as Structured Query Language and Tableau, both of which are covered in this program. Career advancement opportunities include working in risk management as an analyst, consultant, manager or director. Top employers who have historically posted job listings for risk management and analysis positions include Wells Fargo, Bank of America, USAA, Ernst & Young, PriceWaterhouseCooper and Deloitte.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that historically North Carolina has been in the top five states hiring risk managers and analysts. Because the financial and pharmaceutical industries both have significant presence in the state, opportunities in these two industries are particularly available.

Job Titles

The Master of Management, Risk and Analytics concentration is designed to enhance a variety of business careers. Explore details about the following commonly held job titles:

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