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An Account Executive manages communications with business clients that buy services from a company, such as advertising…

High: $92,463
Low: $65,068
Employment Trend
+ 0.016% Annually
59.27% Bachelor's
4.52% Master's

An Account Manager manages client accounts for a company. Develops and maintains communication with company clients,…

High: $88,183
Low: $54,416
Employment Trend
+ 0.016% Annually
56.58% Bachelor's
5.9% Master's

An Account Representative manages existing customer accounts to ensure sales retention and growth. Develops and…

High: $50,742
Low: $34,195
Employment Trend
+ 0.016% Annually
33.93% Bachelor's
3.5% Master's

An Advertising and Marketing Sales Representative sells advertising and marketing services to business clients.…

High: $66,722
Low: $53,897
Employment Trend
+ 0.0123% Annually
29.43% Bachelor's
2.55% Master's

A Business Development Manager identifies new business opportunities and clients for a company, and develops marketing…

High: $131,544
Low: $98,843
Employment Trend
+ 0.0299% Annually
64.06% Bachelor's
16.01% Master's