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Helping the lives of youth and children… it’s what we do.

Imagine a better future. Pour yourself into making a difference. Leverage your passion for the community and families into program leadership that impacts the world around you with the Graduate Certificate in Leadership and Volunteer Management.

The demand for qualified, competent professionals to innovate, develop and maintain effective programs for children, youth, and families is on the rise. Leadership development skills are necessary to elevate programming to the next level. As the need for improved support systems grows, so does the demand for professionals ready to take community services further and higher.

Typical Employers

Graduates of the Graduate Certificate in Leadership and Volunteer Management usually find employment with nonprofits or community development organizations that offer services to children, youth, and families.

Typical employers include:

  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Community service organizations
  • Hospital, eldercare, or recreational programs

Many of our graduates are entrepreneurial or are passionate about underserved communities. These visionary individuals start and run new nonprofits or open their own practices.

Family and Community Services Agencies

Graduates interested in youth, families, and communities often find jobs with family and community services agencies and perform the following services:

  • Inform and coach families on how to enhance their quality of life through better building positive relationships
  • Assist community leaders in developing programs that promote healthy families
  • Advise members of youth groups on social skills or youth engagement
  • Administer childcare or eldercare services
  • Train community members on topics of youth and family sciences

Job Titles

Upon graduation, our alumni typically pursue the careers listed below. Want to learn more about a particular job title? Click on the link to learn what it takes to get the job you want.

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