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Working professionals and graduate students with deep knowledge of their specific discipline often get promoted into positions of leadership. These new positions require an entirely different set of skills—planning, organizing, staffing, leadership, communication, scope control and budgeting. These are skills that are typically taught in MBA programs.

However, not all working professionals or graduate students have the time and resources to complete an MBA on top of growing into their new responsibilities of completing a graduate program in a different concentration. The Graduate Certificate in Professional Communication and Managerial Skills fills this gap, providing management and communication skills tailored to professionals looking to maintain their current disciplinary focus while acquiring additional, needed skills for success.

Typical Employers:

Graduates of this program typically find employment in some of the following fields:

IT Professionals

Social Work

Law Enforcement

Financial Services

Geospatial Information Systems

Job Titles

Graduates of this program typically find career advancement in some of the following positions:

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